Grinding motor spindle SPL 2716.1

highest concentricity accuracy
Grinding motor spindle SPL 2716.1 | SPL Spindel und Präszisionslager GmbH

SPL hydrostatic spindles for machine tools and test rigs

In a hydrostatic spindle the bearing load capacity is created by the pressure of the oil from the supply unit.  The high loads achieved can also be maintained when the spindle is stopped.  Hydrostatic spindles can achieve maximum concentricity and excellent damping characteristics.  
SPL Hydrostatic Spindles are used in the following applications:
  • Noise testing in laboratory test rigs
  • Roll grinding and knife grinding machines
  • Polishing machines
Max. speed (1/min)
Nominal power (kW)
Spindle nose size
reset filter
SPL-TypeMax. Speed
Nominal Power
Spindle nose
2252.07001KK-A5test rigcoupler
2092.01.0006101,6 cylindricaltest rigcoupler
2235.010.000627 cylindricalgrindingbelt
2716.08.0009taper Ø60 1:10grindingdirect drive
2088.01.00025206 cylindricalregulating spindlecoupler
2043.07.0003060 cylindricaltest rigcoupler
2117.07.00030taper Ø90 1:5grindingcoupler
2123.03.00030taper Ø125 1:5roll grindingbelt
2411.x2.00030taper Ø130 1:9,5grindingbelt
2725.01.50034taper Ø100 1:12grindingdirect drive
2053.01.20035taper Ø125 1:5roll grindingbelt
2727.04.50050KK-A6grindingdirect drive
2725.x2.50055taper Ø100 1:6roll grindingdirect drive
2725.63.15064taper Ø60135 1:5roll grindingdirect drive
2734.01.50094taper Ø60180 7:5roll grindingdirect drive

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