Grinding spindle SPL 2729.5

HSK-C63, enhanced precision
Grinding spindle SPL 2729.5 | SPL Spindel und Präszisionslager GmbH

SPL motor spindles for grinding machines

SPL motor spindles for grinding machines are customized precisely to the processing task and to your machine tool. They can be fitted with an asynchronous or synchronous motor, as well as a variety of rotary encoder solutions. The bearings are also available in various configurations:
  • Multi-lobe hydrodynamic bearings
  • Hydrostatic bearings with various throttle systems
  • Precision angular contact bearings
  • Hybrid bearings
As a result of the wide range of applicability we can offer grinding spindles for the following types of machines:
  • OD cylindrical grinding machines
  • Roll grinding machines
  • Centerless grinding machines
  • Tool grinding machines
  • Form grinding machines
  • Gear grinding machines
  • Knife grinding machines
Nominal torque (Nm)
Max. speed (1/min)
Nominal speed (1/min)
Nominal power (kW)
Spindle nose size
reset filter
SPL-TypeNominal torque
Max. Speed
Nominal speed
Nominal Power
Spindle nose
2225.x160.00060.0005M8-internalroller bearing
2508.x333.00033.00011M10-internalroller bearing
2507.x524.00024.00013HSK-C40roller bearing
2716.1108.0008.0009taper Ø60 1:10hydrostatic
2723.0108.0007.0008taper Ø60 1:10roller bearing
2742.21424.00013.50020HSK-C63roller bearing
2735.12010.0009.72020HSK-C63roller bearing
2087.92610.0004.83613HSK-E63roller bearing
2544.0283.0005.50016KK-B5roller bearing
2545.2286.0006.00016KK-B5roller bearing
2724.12824.0005.50016HSK-C63roller bearing
5018.0395.0003.89016HSK-A80roller bearing
2730.34216.0006.80030HSK-C63roller bearing
2731.34224.0006.80030HSK-C63roller bearing
2750.x426.0006.00030M42roller bearing
2735.05610.0003.40020HSK-C63roller bearing
2729.56012.0007.70048HSK-C63roller bearing
2755.06012.0007.70048HSK-C63roller bearing
5013.0874.5003.00027KK-A6roller bearing
2552.0973.0001.50015taper Ø120 1:10roller bearing
2702.01283.0001.50020taper Ø120 1:10roller bearing
2701.21402.1002.04030taper Ø120 1:5hydrostatic
2587.01913.0001.50030taper Ø103 1:10roller bearing
2725.41943.1503.15064taper Ø130 1:6hydrostatic
2725.32102.5002.50055taper Ø100 1:6hydrostatic
2725.22202.5001.50034taper Ø100 1:6hydrostatic
2732.02201.3001.50034taper Ø100 1:5hydrodynamic
2701.32224.0001.51035HSK-E125roller bearing
2558.02303.0001.25030taper Ø103 1:10roller bearing
2701.02303.0001.25030taper Ø120 1:10roller bearing
2588.02393.0001.60040taper Ø103 1:10roller bearing
2701.42983.0002.40075HSK-E125roller bearing
2736.03251.3001.50051taper Ø100 1:5hydrodynamic
2734.06001.5001.50094taper Ø180 1:7,5hydrostatic

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