Current news

Current news

21.01.2019 - Hydrodynamic Spindle SPL 2287.0

Development and production of a new hydrodynamic spindle unit SPL 2287.0
Application:           roll grinding
External cone:       1:5 / 200mm diameter
Speed:                  1.500 rpm
Oil viscosity:          ISO VG10, 18 l/min, 1,5 bar
In spite of the size of spindle and a total weight of approx. 1 to. we have reached an radial run out of <0,002mm.

04.09.2018 - Grinding Spindle SPL 2763.0

Completion of a newly developed Grinding Spindle SPL 2763.0
HSK-C63, 30 kW, 42 Nm (S1)
The linear extension of the tool interface is minimized by sophisticated bearing configuration.

12.02.2018 - Grinding Spindle SPL 2701.4

Grinding Spindle SPL 2701.4 HSK-A 125
Completion of a newly developed Grinding Spindle SPL 2701.4
HSK-A 125, 75 kW, 298 Nm (S1).
Rotor temperatures are minimized by innovative magnet technology. As a result, the bearing preload and rigidity could be increased.

11.09.2017 - WORLD FIRST

worlds first


SMA - Unclamping Unit
- shape memory alloy -

"...tool unclamping by temperature only -
no hydraulics! no pneumatics!..."


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